Monday, October 06, 2003

Yesterday, Brian and I spent the day at home. I had been feeling blah yesterday morning. George and Peter came over yesterday for brunch. Peter came over, commandeered the stove and cooked us some Filipino breakfast food like chorizo (sausages) and Beef Tapa. I also made some Sinangag (garlic fried rice) for us.

After brunch, Peter and I went over the Bond's Franchise Guide to narrow down the concepts that we were interested in. This is the list we came up with:

Coffee Beanery
Cold Stone Creamery
Dairy Queen
Farmer Boys
Jimmy Johns
La Salsa
Van Houtte
White Hen

Peter mentioned that he was scared after reading the Franchise for Dummies book. The book is cautionary about starting a franchise. Rightly so, since starting a franchise is not very different from starting a business on your own. There are pitfalls as well. The book obviously wants to make sure that people don't go into franchising blindly. I will probably spend this week talking to people to get some contacts for franchise lawyers, accountants and bankers. I am still waiting for a book I bought from Amazon called How Much Can I Make? which details how much each franchise who participated in the survey makes. This would give me an idea, hopefully, what each type of proposition is more attractive. Obviously, only the types of franchises that participated in the survey are represented. So hopefully, some of those on our list are in the book.

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