Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Site Updated / Missing Friends

Feeling a little better today. Have to work on my paper that is due tonight.

I updated the site with a little bit more formatting in the "Likes" section and added some links. I put in a temporary profile in yahoo and added some photos (yes, they are cheesy & slutty) until I can set up a real gallery. Added a link called "Bookmark" for you to save this page to your favorites.

Friendster seems to be working a little faster today. Recently I found someone who I used to go to college with in Manila who has 300+ friendsters. I have been trying to check them out to see if I see anybody I went to school with and what they looked like. However, Friendster being the shitty site that it is, freezes up when I try to browse anybody with more than 20 friends.

I have been obsessing lately about what other people I have grown up with have done with themselves. I have been googling random people I went to high school or college with. I have been wondering what some high school crushes look like now, what they've done with their lives. Surprisingly, I have not really been successful in finding anyone. I feel like somehow those people don't exist anymore, that if I can't find them in Google, that they don't exist. Even in Ringo, where a lot of Filipinos have been joining a la Friendster, I have yet to find anyone that I actually know.

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