Friday, October 10, 2003

Watched Friends last night. It was funny, where Rachel kept slapping Joey's hand away when they were making out. The whole Joey-Rachel thing, obviously wasn't going to work out because Joey is moving on to his own show. In the years that I have been following Friends, Joey never seemed to have any deep emotions. His relationship with Rachel, however has made him have a depth that I never saw before. He's really quite adorable this way.

I also peeked in TiVo for the first few minutes of Angel before bedtime because I couldn't wait to see how they explain Spike's return. Brian came out of the shower and yelled at me for peeking. The opening credits now show James Marsters as a regular character. Cool! I still think that they can do a spin-off of Buffy with Giles as "The Watcher" and possibly have Willow in it as well. It could be a supernatural detective agency show with stuffy Giles and girly Willow bumbling around London...

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