Monday, June 30, 2008


I'm still nursing a hangover. Leave me alone.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get UR Pride On

Some gay people think that Gay Pride should be where we show the world that we are just like your next door Stepford neighbors: harmless and totally benign. Some people think that we should not flaunt our differences, if we want to have total equality.

I totally disagree with this because I believe that we want acceptance on our terms, not on how society views how we should behave. The whole reason we are in the margins is because of our so-called "behavior"--we are deviants. So to want to be accepted as somebody else is just disingenuous to me.

Our identity is wrapped up in our sexuality, our sexual orientation, our politics, our culture and our expression of gender. In my mind, it is the "normies" (nod to Peter Griffin), that need to learn from us and our differences and that can only happen when we can show the world that we can be outlandish, outrageous, out-of-this-world and it's ok, it's normal. For gosh sakes, take that stick out of your ass. Besides, they do it too--Halloween, Mardi Gras, St Patrick's Day, the only difference is, we just tend to have better outfits and better lipsynching abilities.

This weekend, I plan to be hanging out with the rest of my peeps and getting as drunk and crazy as any straight person would be in a parade. I hope to see you there in Chicago Pride!

Friday, June 20, 2008


I thought that I was done with these stupid social networking sites, but I guess my desire for Internet Fame is still there. So now, you can friend me on Facebook.

If you don't friend me, I may have to eat a boxful of Entenmann's Little Bites. That won't be pretty and I'll look like this:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Evil Videos

Hey there, I just wanted to post here because while it may seem that nothing's going on, in fact a ton of stuff has been happening at DJ Evil Twin.

First, I have been learning to use MovieMaker to make music videos to accompany my remixes and I've made YouTube videos of all the Tracey Thorn mixes that I've created as a way to promote them. A couple of the mixes have been very well received, but I've also had some people exclaim that they totally suck.

In the past, I would've totally stewed on this and it would be such a blow to my self-esteem that I would be driven to drinking and lowering my standards for one night stands, just to re-assure myself that I am a decent human being.

Has that happened to you? Someone disses you online and it cuts you to the core?

But with the wisdom I've gained through many years of blogging, I've learned to cope with this and take criticism in a stride. I do this primarily by hiding in a closet and smoking a joint.

Check it out below. You can download the mixes here.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008


What I feel, when I am at an art gallery, is a feeling of inspiration coupled with a opposing force of jealousy. I marvel at the creativity and the ingenuity of some of the pieces, such that it sparks in me the desire to create as well. But then it also makes me feel totally inadequate and that anything I do will be a pale shadow of these masters. I try anyway, optimism and pessimism co-mingling into one thick soup.

This past weekend, on a trip to Seattle, I visited the Seattle Art Museum, I had a chance to see the original of Mark Rothko's #10. It seemed even more luminous than any reproduction of it I've seen. It seemed simple, yet complex and completely assured. It would be the type of art that some clod would say, "That's art? My two year-old could paint that!" and if I were to be honest, I would also add, "I could do that."

But of course I can't.

In one of the rooms was an installation by Eli Hansen and Oscar Tuazon, called Kodiak. In the stark white room, there is a log which is installed across the room, like a low beam. You had to duck a little to get underneath it. There is a partial staircase and a couple of other small pieces. It is an "architectural fragment" which references and evokes a log cabin or similar structure. The card on the wall said some bullshit about how just these few pieces in the room transports one into the woods and be in an urban setting at the same time.

Then, I had an idea for my own installation. It would be a smaller room, maybe like the size of someone's sewing room, painted white and brightly lit. All the walls will be blank except for a small white card in the far end of the room, which would have the title of the piece. The smell of fart would be piped in intermittently. The title of the piece would be "Silent But Deadly."

I got the idea when I inadvertently farted at Kodiak installation. I had Indian for lunch, sue me. Good thing I was the only guest in there. But as I quickly tried to escape the room, I thought that what could be more transporting to the reality of something such as the smell of fart? Imagine the people visiting my installation, walking in, smelling fart, thinking about the nerve of the person who farted, then walking to the card and reading the title.

It's totally immediate, visceral and profound.

I could even do variations of the piece, like maybe "Smelly Cab" with a fare meter on the wall and the smell of sweat, patchouli and ass piped in...