Sunday, November 27, 2011

Style Icon

Improbable as this sounds, one of my style icons is Woody Allen.  The thick black frames,  the corduroy pants, the white shirts.  It evokes in me the image of intellectual sophistication.  Urbane yet accessible.  Condescending but amiable in a way that makes you feel grateful for being looked down on.

You don't think that there's a look to this but there is.  Among others:

White oxford shirts
Glen-plaid jackets
Herringbone overcoats
Black turtlenecks
Cableknit sweaters
The aforementioned corduroy pants

All of these I love and cultivate to shore up my crushing insecurity and doubt.

If I had more confidence, maybe I could happy in lowbrow sweatpants or plain old unintellectual Henleys. I wish I could be that carefree guy-next-door who doesn't care what he wears.  So beautiful in his carelessness. I wish I could be that guy. I really do.