Monday, October 27, 2003

Spoke too soon?

Looks like I may have spoken too soon. The new book in the Lestat series by Anne Rice follows Lestat trying to save the Taltos. Forgive me, but this sounds dreadful. First of all, if I were to rank the worst books written by Anne Rice they would be:

1. Violin
2. Blackwood Farm
3. Feast of All Saints
4. Lasher
5. Taltos

Both "Lasher" and "Taltos" are about a race of superhumans called the Taltos who I really don't care about. These two books are actually sequels to the intriguing "The Witching Hour." I really enjoyed "The Witching Hour," but the sequels completely ruined this book for me. Now, with "Blood Canticle," Anne Rice brings together her vampires, the Mayfair witches and the Taltos into the same universe. God save us all.

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