Monday, October 13, 2003

Had a field-trip with Peter on Saturday to check out CB in the Lincolnwood Mall. The place was horrible. It was a glorified free-standing unit. Peter had commented earlier before that the store did not have prices on some of its products and had only paper printouts of some of the new product offerings they had instead of printed company collateral.

The color scheme was pretty bad, and the stuff they had on the shelves were horrible: tacky mugs and weird crap. I am taking a field trip out to Naperville at some point this week in order to see what that store is like. When Peter spoke to the CB guy, the guy said not to visit the Lincolnwood location. Probably because it is not one of their better stores. I hope that the chain has better selections in layouts and store designs. Because based on what I saw, I am not exactly happy with the store design. It seems very conservative instead of young and trendy...

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