Friday, October 17, 2003


Brian and I went on a roadtrip (haha) to Naperville to go see the CB location there. I was pleasantly surprised at the setup. The place look 1000% better than the place in Lincolnwood and it had a very clean and upscale look about it. They had free internet connections, food and pastries and the premium coffee drinks. The decor, while a little bland (because of the light wall paint), was certainly quite attractive. Brian actually liked it more than I did, he didn't feel the decor was too bland at all. I liked the furniture, the floor covering and the shelving units they had. The light fixtures were very upscale looking, using spotlights. The ceiling design was also kinda nice. The accessories they have to sell were also nicer, not the crappy mugs that Lincolnwood has. All in all, I am very encouraged. I talked to Sally, the owner and mentioned that I would like to come by and talk to her next week and she said she would be happy to chat.

We got there at about 1130am and there were already about 4 people there, plus within the half hour or so, another five people came in. Most of them ordered drinks and food. For a Friday, with their location, I think it is doing decently. They were at a strip mall in Naperville which had just pretty much a Dominicks as an anchor. I am planning to go back Monday morning to see what the breakfast crowd is like.

While I was there, Mike Tocco gave me a call and mentioned that he will be going back to Michigan to dog-sit his parents' dog. He said that he's heard of CB (it has more of a presence there) and he will go to a store and give me a review. I actually also asked him to take pictures (jokingly) but he said he may do it. That would be cool.

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