Friday, October 10, 2003

I read the latest issue of Neil Gaiman's 1602 issue 3 and it is quite interesting. I still have no idea why the eldritch storm is hovering over London and how did the X-men, Nick Fury, Dr. Strange, Peter Parker, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch got into this era. I think I read somewhere that Neil did not see this series as a "What If" story, but sort of like Elseworlds or something. Which to me, means that there is some explanation to why the mutants and others are in this situation. I am really bad at predicting endings. I can never tell who the murderer is in the mystery novel...

I also read the final installment of the Tom Stone arc in Tom Strong #22. This is a fantastic story and I loved the whole alternate timeline caused by Tom Strong's mother. I have always thought that Tom Strong is probably the weakest of all the ABC comics line. Top Ten and Promethea were my favorites. Hopefully Alan continues with these kinds of stories that involve more drama rather than the typical smackdown that Tom Strong has.

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