Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Sloane, double-agents--wha?!?

Spoiler Alert! Watched last Sunday's episode of Alias on TiVo last night. Ok, I had thought that this season would be less confusing now that Sidney and Jack are not a double-agents anymore. Although what happened the last two years of Sydney's life is still a mystery after she woke up in an alley two episodes ago, that was fairly straight-forward. Now, Sloane gets captured by The Covenant and to save his own life, he brokers a deal with them to infiltrate the CIA. The Covenant doesn't know that the CIA already has a relationship with Sloane however. This puts Sloane in position to play double-agent just like Sydney did when she infiltrated the evil SD-6 which Sloane was the head of. This is crazy turn of events. I love it...

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