Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Campbell's Birthday

Today is the day I took home my cat, Campbell from the shelter. She was about 3 weeks old when I got her in 1994. She's 9 years old now. She's a black/brown torti with golden eyes. She was very tiny when I brought her home and I picked her because she was very independent. She is still pretty independent and only deigns to come and sit on my chest and knead when I am relaxing on the couch. She likes being carried around, but will hiss at you if you pet her the wrong way. She is very smart and does some very peculiar things like knock on the bedroom door in the morning when she is hungry and awake and try to turn the knob to open it (she has actually done it successfully a few times). She can also open the bifold closet doors which is where our clothes hamper is and sleep in it. She likes chewing on plastic bags and knows her name.

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