Monday, October 27, 2003

Another Quiz

Squirrel cheese. Num.
You are a normal rock!

::Which rock personality disorder (from the Zoloft commercial) should you have? (Results contain pictures!)
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Hmmn. Somehow I thought I would at least come out as quirky or something, but apparently I am "normal". I am sorta disappointed. Specially since I am a compulsive pack-rat.

When I started my last job, the previous person had left two Pez dispensers on the shelf. I received subsequently, another 2 from a friend at work who saw the ones I had on the shelf and thought I was a collector. I then went online to eBay and bought 8 more to complete the set that I had (they were holiday-themed). I do not even like Pez candy! Now I have 25 of them. People think I am some kind of Pez afficionado.

Another example: I kept buying Anne Rice's new novels in hardcover whenever they come out even though the last good book of hers I read was like 10 novels ago. I think after reading the absurd "Blackwood Farm," which I did not even bother to finish because it was so terrible, I am finally free of this particular obsession.

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