Friday, October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween

Halloween is the gay holiday. It was tailor-made for gays. This is the season where the creativity is at its height: how to make a costume as skimpy as possible yet still accurately convey the theme in mind. Halloween brings out the transvestite in everyone including straight men. Last year at Brian's party, Jordan came as a French Maid: short black dress, white apron and cap, red lipstick and hairy legs. As the night progressed, everyone got to see what he had under that short skirt--I admit it, I peeked.

Halloween also brings out of the closet all the weird fetishes. I don't consider leatherwear a costume unless you're trying to be the leather guy in the Village People. One year, I was at Roscoe's when some master brought his "human dog" who was wearing a leash attached to a dog collar, a skimpy thong and not much else. Lots of uniform fetishes as well: sailors, cops, UPS delivery men seem to be the most popular. As a general rule though, I think that if something is in your closet and you wear it on any other day besides halloween, it is not a costume.

Today, we have to clean up and decorate for Brian's party. We were waiting to take advantage of any sales on halloween decorations. It would be so cool if we get a fog machine ($20 from Target)...

We are expecting an excellent turnout from the UIC front. All the Psych departments' grad students and their ambiguous sexuality in one room. I can't wait to see who makes out with whom. Last year, some straight dude who was was hitting on every gay guy in the room. Nobody batted an eyelash...

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