Tuesday, October 14, 2003

W&G from last Thursday wasn't that funny. Karen didn't like Leo because she didn't think he was funny. The whole episode was about Grace trying to convince Karen to like Leo. Well, Karen wasn't convinced and neither am I. The best part of the show was when Karen said that she would go "poop." Will & Mom as roommates has a lot of comedy potential though.

Also on Tivo was Scrubs. I LOVE THIS SHOW. This is like, the best comedy on TV. This show is probably more gay-friendly than W&G. The show doesn't deny that there is a homoerotic subtone to JD and Turk's friendship and in fact celebrates it. Turk and JD openly acknowledge that they were going on a "mandate." Turk goes to say that his homophobia and discomfort wasn't because of the male-male sex, but because he doesn't know how to relate to other men. Great show.

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