Thursday, November 06, 2003

TiVo Recap

It's All Relative - I thought this episode was funny where the gay parents play bartender in a straight bar culminating into a karaoke contest where they sing "Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong." I think this show is growing on me.

Angel - Spike whines throughout the episode while Angel gets all broody. And is Spike really the vampire with a soul who is prophesied to save the world? Gunn's enthusiasm for his new capacity as an lawyer for Wolfram & Hart is evident. Even Wesley and Fred are starting to fit in rather nicely in this evil corporation.

Playmakers - Guerwitcz is MIA, hopefully they bring him back from IR. Snoop guest stars as DH's older brother who is--get this--a mentor for young kids in a community center. Actually, Snoop wasn't bad at all, I think he may even have an character acting career. This show has some really good drama goin' on. I hope ESPN picks up the next season.

Skin - Laura Leighton looks great as the Assistant DA's lover. I was expecting more of her character Sydney from Melrose Place, but she did pretty well. The love story between the two teens is really stupid. The show is too slow and there's not enough drama or skin. I expected that when the young girl who wanted to be in a porno was going to see how a porno was shot, we would see at least a butt shot. What do we get? Nada. Show got cancelled--no wonder...

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