Friday, November 21, 2003


Just had lunch with Brian at Taco & Burrito Palace (on Halsted and Cornelia), the best tacos in town and played a game of one of my favorite classic arcade games BurgerTime while we were waiting. I love this game along with Crazy Climber (does anybody else remember this game?). I did terribly--I only got to level 3--pathetic. When I am rich, I want to buy all my favorite arcade games and pinball machines and put them in my impossibly large rec room where I would also have an ICEE machine.

Anyway, I remember spending a lot of time and money going to the arcade when I was a teen. My dad used to take us there on Sunday afternoons, give us a twenty and get all the quarters and play as much as we want. Looking back, I don't remember what my parents did while we were playing games, because they never played themselves.

If you're feeling a little more nostalgic, you can get the BurgerTime Main Theme Ringtone here and here and relive those times every time somebody calls you. Here's a site you can find ringtones of your favorite arcade games. If you have a Samsung like me instead of a Nokia, you can use the nokring software to convert the RTTTL into notes you can manually enter into your Melody Composer.

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