Thursday, November 13, 2003

Gilmore Girls

I can't stand it when the Lorelai and Luke are seeing other people. When Luke's "wife" shows up at the diner, Lorelai gets flustered and makes a fool of herself. Why can't Luke and Lorelai (sounds very All My Children) get together--I know, I know, then the series would have to end. I love how Digger got himself invited to dinner even though Emily didn't want to invite him. The whole discussion about the cheeseburger was hilarious. Also the thing about the Internet shopping and how L & R loved it and then ended up deciding that it was a terrible thing.

Yes, yes, yes. I watch a lot of TV. I don't think I watched as much tv before my brother gave me TiVo as a christmas present. TiVo really has changed the way I watch TV. First because you can find stuff more easily and second, you can watch anything you tape in any order, any time unlike a VCR which you have to take the tape and watch it in the order it came on.

As I am writing this, Enrique Iglesias' new video "Addicted" is on VH1. Mischa Barton who plays Marissa on The O.C. plays his love interest. This song is terrible, but I think Enrique thinks that being shirtless with very low riding jeans will make this song into a hit.

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