Sunday, November 09, 2003

Morning Coffee Talk

Called Mom long distance this morning to let her know that I am seriously thinking about starting a business. I think she is was very worried about me spending the money I have been saving up for a rainy day. After all, I am going to need it since I am unemployed. I think she may have even sobbed a couple of times. I guess I wanted to have her blessing in this before I plunged ahead. I am not sure I got it. It is weird because most chinese people I know have an entrepreneurial spirit and this is a value that has been instilled in our culture. However, I think my Mom has been hoping that my dad's work would have been such that I would not have to do the same thing, working a hard living. My dad started his own business as well when he was my age (or even younger) and was quite successful at it, although he worked very long hours. I guess my Mom doesn't want me to have to "suffer" this as well.

After talking to her for almost an hour (I would hate to see the phone bill), I went online to to apply for jobs. It is very depressing. All the jobs that are available are looking for very specific web application programming skills such as Java and VB or Perl even though the positions I am applying for are managerial. I am not a programmer in these languages although I have dabbled in them. I applied for 10 jobs today, but I am not very optimistic on most of them. I applied to BankOne for yet another job. I must have applied for 20 different positions in BankOne--not one nibble from them. Very depressing.

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