Sunday, November 16, 2003

The Matrix Revolutions

Spoilers! Ok, the movie left a lot of questions I thought should have been answered. Like, what is the real nature of The Matrix? Why does Neo have power outside of the Matrix? Dave H. speculated to me that the "world" outside the Matrix is really another superMatrix which is part of the elaborate control system of the Machines. This is why Neo can "see" the world even though he is blind, and why he can repel machines outside of the Matrix.

Part of the theme of Revolutions was that humans resisted a utopia type world, that there has to be the illusion of choice, which is why there has been six incarnations of Neo before (aha--another clue, all the previous Neos looked like Keanu) and that Zion has been destroyed that many times as well. This also explains the metamorphosis of Agent Smith and why he was able to take over the body of a human--how can a program inhabit the body of a human? Only if that human wasn't flesh, but another layer on the fabric of the Matrix.

This makes sense in a way, because when people die in the Matrix, their bodies die as well. However, this doesn't seem to be efficient use of the humans. If the humans are perfectly healthy, they provide a good power source to the Machines, therefore, there shouldn't be any reason why the actual bodies should die when they could be "reincarnated" into another form in the Matrix.

The movie was confusing and ultimately did not resolve the questions, just gave us a little oasis of peace at the end. The Machines are still feeding on humans and Zion will obviously go after them again. Another gossip I have read is that there will be an online game that will be the sequel to the Matrix movies where the fate of the Matrix will be decided on by the online players. Now that sounds like an awesome concept.

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