Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Here's a fun quiz that measures what kind of metrosexual you are.

[ no milk is 40% Gay. You might act straight, mate, but I bet your mother always knew you would grow up to be a gay guy! ]

Check out Peter's score.

In further queer news (thanks for the alert, Peter), turnabout is fair play when Queer Eye producers plan a one-shot called Straight Eye for the Queer Guy where a gay man is given some tutoring on some traditionally straight male activities as football and using power tools. Obviously, these producers have not visited the Homo Depot recently or seen Christopher Lowell's show. Gay folk have been using power tools for years in our efforts to beautify our homes. Our lesbian sisters probably taught straight men how to do it properly. As for football, I suppose ex-NFL Esera Tualo could teach these guys a lesson in playing "ball." Still, I am sure I would have a laugh at the show.