Saturday, November 29, 2003


Halle Berry is Dr. Miranda Gray, a criminal psychologists who finds herself behind bars, a suspect in a brutal murder. As she tries to unravel the mystery of what happened, she finds herself clinging to her sanity while the answer seems to lie in the supernatural. Robert Downey Jr. plays her colleague, now her doctor trying to help her regain that sanity even though it may mean that it proves her guilt. Her only hope lies with a girl who died four years ago.

The movie was very enjoyable with some genuinely suspenseful moments. Director Kassovitz builds a great mood and a creepy atmosphere. The movie moves along on a good pace, and doesn't falter. However, there seems to be a lot of holes in the movie that were never explained. However, as long as you're not the overanalyzing type, it's pretty good. This movie could have been much better if a little more work was done in the script to cover up the holes. Halle Berry does a credible job although the role will probably not win any awards. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a sequel.

Brian did not think that there were any holes and says that I am overanalyzing the movie. He said that if you take the story as it is, then there is nothing more to think about. I feel that the movie never makes it clear whether supernatural forces were in effect. When I asked him about the psychological aspect of the movie, he said it was mostly generalistic mumbo-jumbo--nothing really deep, just your garden variety pop psychology. He enjoyed it as well.

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