Thursday, November 20, 2003

Final Final Exam

Today is the last Final Exam I'll ever take unless I am stupid enough to try to go for another graduate degree. I started my MBA in Spring of 2000 and I had been pretty excited then. I went bright-eyed into every new class determined to learn something new. Even when the class was boring or didn't stimulate my interest, I took comfort in the knowledge that it's just one step closer to getting the degree. Funny thing is that I don't remember studying so hard for undergrad. I blew it off most of the time.

I had a mini-panic attack and thought for a second that I had to review my list of courses to make sure that had in fact taken everything that I had to take to graduate. Twice. I had a substitution approved for class that was unavailable this semester and I am nervous that somebody's going to say, no you're f*cked coz you shouldn't have substituted!

This last semester has been extra stressful. Being laid off has not motivated me to do any studying. I just wanted this semester to be over so bad so I don't have to worry about one more thing. I had not opened the textbooks and have not done any of the readings. I even sold one of them two weeks after the course started when I found out we were not going to be tested on it.

I guess I am disenchanted about the degree even though I know deep inside that it will be helpful in my job search.

Anyway, the exam is not hard so I should do ok. I made my flash cards and I have already started studying it the last two days. Wish me Luck.

Mood | Cynical