Friday, November 14, 2003

Life as it OUGHT to be

There some bizzare discussion on homosexuality and marriage on Marcia Ellen's blog and there is this dude that has been ranting about it (homosexuality) being a choice and equating it with fetishism.

I am glad I live in this neighborhood in Chicago where people are open and more accepting. Although I know there are people who do not approve or even downright hate gay people, it has been awhile when I have encountered someone like this. Why are there some straight people who don't think it's a big deal and other people who think that all gay people are like child molesters?

This dude argues that if gay people are allowed to marry, then what next? Siblings? Polygamy? Marrying animals? Children? This is despite the fact that 90% of pedophiles are straight and polygamy being a patriarchical society. Despite this, nobody argues that it is wrong to be straight or that straight people shouldn't marry. And people, before you go on about gerbils, Richard Gere is straight.

In last Wednesday's episode of "It's All Relative," where Simon exclaims that inmates in death row can get married, but upstanding gay citizens cannot. Apparently morality does matter in marriage.

This blog is more about entertainment and fluffy things like bunny rabbits. Go hang out with Marcia Ellen, she's better at moderating the political ranters and haterz. I would rather not bust a vein.

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