Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Parking Tickets are Evil

Parking Tickets are evil. It is an idea that must have come from Satan himself. I got one today while I was at Borders looking up books on forming LLCs. I got the ticket probably just a few minutes after the meter ran out because I was checking my watch and I saw that it was close to expiring. Just my luck to have a meter maid just standing by to issue the ticket.

The thing is, I cannot really blame anyone but myself. I knew what time the meter was going to run out, I guess I rolled the dice and lost. It really sucks having to shell out $30 when you're unemployed. The crazy thing is that I have been cutting expenses everywhere: lunch, eating out, shopping, etc. All the savings go poof in one stupid thing like this.

Afterwards, I was feeling depressed (yeah parking tickets do that to me), then I got to thinking whether bad luck is really random or do we have more to do with it than we think? Because I could easily have avoided this by leaving earlier than I did. Just like in a way, I think I lost my job (even though I was "laid off") because I didn't prove my worth to the company. If I were truly important, then I think I would still have a job...

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