Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Kyle's B&B--New Episode

The new episode is here. The way Greg Fox draws these characters, he must draw them first with their clothes off and then adds the clothing in. The artwork is very cheesy but I got sucked into the lives of the multitude of guests at the bed and breakfast. The pace is pretty fast, which is good because the new episodes online only come every couple of weeks. This strip is actually published in the Chicago Free Press, our local gay rag every week (new one today--yehey!) But I am not sure whether the strip online precedes the newspaper strip. I think it does because the numbers on the newspaper strip are lower. Anyway, that's too much analysis for a Wednesday morning.

Alas, it is already 8:55 am and I am sorry to say that I have already wasted 45 minutes surfing BigMuscle and Friendster instead of doing my homework. This is what unemployment does to you...

Mood | Awake