Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Massachusetts Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban

The details are here. I think it was a few years ago when someone asked me should we should prioritize the gay movement for equal rights or the gay marriage agenda. In the past few years, I think it has become clear that the fight for gay marriage is the fight for equal rights. When we argue for the protection of our family and our relationships, the opposition faces a harder road, because their stance becomes clearly intolerant. The very nature of marriage affords rights to heterosexual couples makes it clear there is an inequity to gay folk.

Already the opposition is gearing up to make a constitutional ban to gay marriage. I think, in the end, we will prevail simply because a constitutional ban will illuminate that these people are singling out a group of people, that there are indeed rights that will be barred from gay people.

Peter's post has a cool editorial cartoon. Marcia Ellen also has something to say about this. Check it out.

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