Saturday, November 08, 2003

American Chopper

The best reality TV show these days is not The Bachelor, although Bob Guiney is f**king adorable. It is American Chopper on the Discovery Channel. The show is about a family-owned custom motorbike shop in Orange County and their shenanigans. The show basically shows the owner of the shop, Paul Sr. bitchin and moanin about his son Paul Jr and his fellow mechanics Vinnie and other brother Mikey while fabricating custom bikes. Brian and I got addicted to the show when we saw a marathon of it one weekend. It is actually quite funny because these guys are so real. Their arguments are really quite hilarious. Plus, Paul Jr. and Vinnie are quite hunky. My fantasy episode is where Vinnie corners Paulie and they start making out :-) In the middle picture below, they look awfully cozy...

Here's a drinking game developed by some fans.