Saturday, November 08, 2003

Boy meets "Boy"

Hanging out at Roscoe's last night with Brian, Patrick and Randy H, when Wes from Boy Meets Boy walks in. Boy Meets Boy is the Bravo reality TV show where a gay guy finds his "mate" from a bunch of guys, some of which are secretly straight. The straight guys pretend to be gay and if picked to be the mate, wins a cash prize. Of course, the gay guys, if picked, the guy and a trip to Australia for their "honeymoon" but win no cash. This to me was a very hateful premise. Anyway, I TiVo'd the show only to figure out who was gay and who was straight (every time a contestant was kicked off the show, it was revealed whether he was gay or straight). So it was kinda fun to guess if your gaydar was accurate or not. I only fast-forwarded to the last few minutes of the show for the reveal. I think I was accurate about 90% of the time.

Wes was better looking in person, I think. Anyway, we were hanging out in his vicinity when Roscoe's played a clip of MadTV's spoof of Boy Meets Boy on its video monitors. The clip was pretty funny, mostly making fun of the overly emotional reactions of James' (the "bachelor" in the show) fag hag Andra. Wes, who judging from his reaction probably has not seen the clip, was extremely excited running around finding his friends and pointing to the video monitors. It was pretty amusing.

The guy who I thought was cute from the show was Brian A. Of course, he was straight. I think that all the gay guys the show picked were very stereotypical and all looked pretty much the same or acted the same. That's why to me, it was pretty easy to pick out the straight guys. It would have been more of a challenge if the show didn't pick out the all the pretty boys. The only person I had trouble guessing was straight was Dan, who I kept flip-flopping on.

Anyway, it was pretty funny to see Wes. Nobody really made a fuss, occasionally some guy would point him out. He seemed pretty normal and quite casually dressed in a red and white jersey and jeans. He was dressed more "tightly" in the show I think, which is not very attractive to me. I like guys who show off their muscles but not when they look like they can't breathe. I hate the BodyBodyWear look now (okokok, I used to wear it too)--it seems so dated.

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