Monday, November 24, 2003


No, is not a review of Enrique Iglesias' new song "Addicted." Although that song sucks and it needs a dance remix.

This blog is about The Sims and how it ruined my life after two days. It started off innocently enough, with Peter letting me borrow some of his games for the PC. I figure, I'm unemployed, I should be doing something unproductive. I guess, after loading the game into my PC, I wasn't all that impressed. At first, I couldn't control how my family looked and the house my family lived in was so decorator-challenged. Then I figured out how to change my family's appearance and I built my own house. In this version of the game, there are very few options for customizing but I guess it was close enough.

I built a nice gay Irish-Roman Catholic family. Dads Sean and Kerry, son Paddy and daughter Siobhan. The game won't let the Dads do anything more intimate than joke with each other and dance occasionally. However, they do share the same bed. I played this game last night from like 10pm to 2am.

I can see how people get addicted to this game. There are so many little things to attend to in order to keep the family on a even keel like cooking, studying, cleaning up, showering, getting ready for work. It just piles up and you are constantly trying to keep up. Right now, the kids are cranky, they have not showered for days, the shower stall leaks and floods, there is garbage everywhere and unread newspapers. Daddy Sean lost his job because he slept through his carpool 2 days in a row. A couple of the members of the family had "an accident" because they couldn't use the toilet (it was clogged). The house that I built, with its pretty blue carpet and cute wallpaper is a pig-sty. I had to hire a maid for $10/hour just to keep up.

I am tempted to uninstall the game to cut this off at the source, but now I think I will just give myself a time-limit when playing. Like maybe 2 hours on the weekends. Maybe.

I have to look for a job.

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