Saturday, November 01, 2003

Rest of the Weekend

The photos from the party are in. There must have been a hundred people at the party. Yikes. My costume was Hannibal Lecter in a leather face restraint and hospital garb. Brian was a Sheik. Mike A. was a gorgeous Amazonian/Swedish/whatever. Best Costumes were Dave and Julie as White Trash Couple. Julie was hilarious in a Hooters uniform (I bet they had fun in that). Joe and Sarah came as KISS. Peter was an EMT and George was a fairy--go figure ;-)

Check out the pictures.

Brian swears that he's not doing this again, but I suspect that he will somehow be persuaded to do it again. He cleaned up the grossness from the bathroom and fixed the bi-fold closet doors.

We were too tired to do anything after cleaning up so we rented "Boat Trip." The movie was okay, not too bad. The movie was about two straight men who were mistakenly booked on a gay cruise. Of course, this premise was sure to bring the audience in so they had one of the guys accidentally shoot down a helicopter flying over the ship carrying a swedish tanning team. A dozen blond bikini clad girls were rescued and were on the ship for the remainder of the movie. Gratuitous female nudity ensues.

All the gay men were portrayed as swishy or drag queens singing "I Will Survive." Anything that might be misconstrued as offensive is followed immediately by a warm moment to reaffirm positive attitudes to gays. The DVD's main menu had three topless women lying on beach towels while you scroll over the sections on their bellies.

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