Monday, December 01, 2003


Our christmas tree is up courtesy of Brian. It's purty. He put it up two nights ago and decorated it last night even though he was feeling sick. The tree is 6 ft tall. Brian decorated it with our stash. There are alternating gold tinsel garlands and red ribbon from the top of the tree to the bottom. Christmas lights are threaded around the tree and silver and green balls hang randomly. My spooky gray wire mesh angel (which I got from Crate and Barrel one year) sits on top. The picture on the right looks nothing like our tree.

Brian is planning (threatening) to wrap all our artwork on the walls with wrapping paper and bows to look like gifts--specially the Bjork poster. I am not sure if he'll go through with it. I suggested that instead of wrapping the pictures, what if we got empty boxes, wrapped those and hung them up? He said that it was a stupid idea. :-( Poor Bjork.

Brian is basically a christmas elf. His goal is to put like christmas decorations in every nook and cranny. The cats are already having a ball. Cordy and Campbell are chewing on the bottom branches (because you know all cats like to chew on plastic). Last year, the cats broke several balls that were hanging from low branches. This year, all of them are placed higher.

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