Thursday, December 11, 2003


Gay Cannibal places an internet ad offering to eat your 'delicious' flesh--430 people respond within a year.

Bernd-Juergen, the victim, computer specialist, by all accounts an intelligent man, had driven for three and a half hours to meet his killer. Did he drive with determination, unwavering from his goal? Did he hesitate as he arrived at his would-be killer's elegant home?

Are some people so numb to experiences that only pain will give them pleasure? Have people become so jaded that "normal" sex isn't interesting anymore? While I think that consensual sex between adults is something that should be respected, what are the limits?

But what about consensual violence? Just because an adult says that you can hurt, wound or kill him/her for pleasure, does that make it right? I can understand S&M fantasies--power is after all an aspect of sex, S&M just takes it further. How can you begin to define limits? Or is consent enough? And what about people who willingly get infected with HIV?

I am trying to fathom the mind of the killer.

I remember as a small child, I had received a magnifying glass as a gift. I discovered that sunlight, when focused through its lens can burn paper. I used it to burn my name repeatedly on sheets of paper until I got bored. Then I started using it on ants crawling about nearby. Gleefully, I aimed the hot dot of light on them, watching them scramble away...I was God deciding which ant I would smite next.

It is 13 minutes past midnight. I am thinking of a man who drove three and a half hours to his death...


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