Sunday, December 07, 2003

Maybonne & Marlys

Lynda Barry writes some of the most poignant stories I've ever read in her comic strip "Ernie Pook". In this one which had appeared in 1991 (bulls win!), Maybonne, the big sister of Marlys (in pigtails) finds out that her beloved Uncle John is gay. Maybonne's grandma is upset about the revelation...

she's still crying, i looked and she's still crying.  drink your milk.  don't boss me. i don't get what's wrong but you get what's wrong but won't you tell me.  drink it.  you think you're so big.
it's 'cause of bill isn't it. 'cause he got asked by uncle john to go with, and she's crying because they're queers.  right? i know i'm right because mr. ludermeyer said it.  forget mr. ludermeyer.  i will if you tell me what's queers.

In this next one, Marlys lays down her queer manifesto:

hi. hi your dog is nice also you are.  thanks. hi what's his name.  pooky, do you think that's a dumb name.  no way it is great.    ||    hey you don't come near me.  like i would ever want to.  you do so want to! as if! why not? you get on my nerves.
can kevin come to the movies.  not if queers will be there. there's usually queers at movies though.  then forget it. sorry your moms bersurk.     ||    there's people who will hit you if they find out you are queer.  my uncle john has a scar on his forehead  from it, the police said 'forget it.' p.s. here's my school picture if you want to stick it in your billfold!!!  it would be an honor!!!

Lynda Barry also wrote the wonderful and horrifying novel, "Cruddy" which I highly recommend. This book is in the top 20 books I have ever read. Check out my aStore in the "all about me" part of the site for some of my book recommendations. She has also collected her online comic strip "One Hundred Demons" (from in a beautifully illustrated hardcover book which I think is quite enthralling. It's a great idea for a Christmas gift for all your literate friends. Lynda Barry writes honestly about childhood: to her it is an innocent time--but sometimes fraught with sadness or despair.

Here are some online samples: 1   2   3   and others.

Thanks to Rachel MacKnight for the strips.