Saturday, December 20, 2003


Remember when being ironic meant something? When you brought that six-pack of Pabst to a party because it was funny? Or made a Spam appetizer because it was a hoot? Or like wearing LA Gears because you loved it so much when you were a kid--an I-don't-give-a-fuck-if-it's-dorky-I-like-it attitude?

image source: catbirdseat.orgWhat is ironic these days is when a rich kid dresses like someone on welfare to look "cool". Like Ashton Kutcher wearing a trucker hat or debutant socialites with their $200 vintage heavy metal t-shirts. When a somebody goes to a "vintage store" and nothing is under $25. When you see someone with a Micronauts t-shirt, you don't know if they gleefully found it in a rummage sale or because they got it from stores that employ coolhunters.

I love resale stores, rummage sales. I love finding the unexpected item like a concert t-shirt from a favorite band, or a toy from your childhood. Even better if the item fits or the parts still work. While I like some of the vintage, distressed look that clothing stores these days have, sometimes I feel like a phony in them.

I find the Hipster Bingo sheet and I blanch--I have a high-school sports t-shirt, old-school chuck taylors (in red!), a hoodie, chunky plastic frame glasses. I've become a Hipster--a fashion trend follower. How Ironic.