Saturday, December 06, 2003


Have you googled your own site to see how you rank? Or to see what kinds of sites turn up? For me, it's usually pretty humdrum stuff: lactose intolerant sites, dairy manufacturers, parents who have children who are finicky eaters. This site has recently been going up the list and now it's the top listing. Brian was just playing around with google and told me that he found this sew-on patch (right) that was being sold in some site that is perfect for me.

Nedstat, my webtracking tool, has turned up some weird stuff, like how this site was being disparaged by a bunch of geeks, or that my site has been linked to by a porn site. Nedstat can also tell me what search terms people used to find this site. Here's the top ten today:

1. Young
2. Love
3. Bottoms
4. in
5. Daniel
6. site
7. a
8. Cudmore
9. porn
10. guitar

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