Saturday, December 27, 2003

Stuck on You

The Farrelly Brothers ("There's Something About Mary," "Shallow Hal") serves up another movie that has all the elements of what we come to expect from them: sweet innocent characters--a little deranged maybe--in pursuit of love. If, on the way to true love, risque sex situations or fart jokes, should we say, are released--that's just part of the fun.

In "Stuck on You," Walt (Greg Kinnear) and Bob (Matt Damon) play conjoined twins who despite their unfortunate situation, have grown up to be normally adjusted human beings who have more or less achieve some success: Walt is a respected actor in their community theatre, Bob owns a popular burger joint. Of the two, Bob is the sweeter, innocent one while Walt is the suave lothario. The twins have made a pact that the other would never stand in the way of the other's happiness and would be supportive. Thus, in the plays that Walt performs in, Bob, in black clothes (to fade into the background) would be onstage with him despite Bob's severe stage fright. Things become interesting when Walt tells Bob that he wants to pursue an acting career in Hollywood and therefore would have to uproot them. Bob, ever-supportive agrees.

There is another subplot where Bob's penpal, May, who happens to live in Hollywood gets a chance to finally meet him after 3 years of correspondence. Bob never revealed his "conjoined status" to the girl and hilarity ensues when the twins try to hide the fact from her. Cher figures prominently in the other subplot where Walt becomes a leading man in her TV show. Cher plays herself, or more accurately, an unflattering caricature of herself. However, she seems sorta superfluous to the story. She should take a cue from Liza Minnelli in the TV show "Arrested Development." Liza tears up the scenery in that show--she's incredibly funny, you MUST see it.

I really liked the movie. But then again, I spent most of the movie swooning over Matt Damon's self-deprecating smile and tentative character, so I could be biased. I can't help it, I think the man is cute. Brian said it was a "renter". If the movie had Vin Diesel in it, he may have given it the thumbs up, even though Vin couldn't act his way out of a cardboard box ;-)