Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I wrote an e-mail today to Taco Fresco to ask for a brochure concerning investment opportunities or franchising possibilities. There was a phone number available, but I didn't feel like talking to someone. Hopefully, they send me something.

I had lunch with Oscar today and discussed my current situation with him. He's doing well with Brian, his husband. David, is still living at their house while he is studying to be a nurse. Oscar, who works in HR for this big utility company gave me a listing for a position that I am possibly qualified for. That was definitely very thoughtful of him. Since he would be the HR person who would be processing this position, he can certainly help my application along.

We also discussed a little bit about the prospect of career changes at this point in our lives and he was talking about how he didn't think he could do what David is doing, which is to go back to school and re-train for a brand new career. David worked in the insurance biz before, I think as an underwriter or something, I am not sure. I think that it does take guts to do what David did. However, I think that circumstances put you in a situation where you have to do something in order to survive. It's sink or swim.

I think I am in a similar situation. I can take a variety of options: keep searching for a job in my field, take some classes and learn some new technology and look for a job in that field, or start a business. More and more, I feel that I can go back to IT if I don't get something off the ground in the next three months. I almost feel that these next few months, I should evaluate whether I should be an entrepreneur or not.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

This has always been a theme that I have held close to me. I've always known that to make things happen, you must nudge it along and nurture it. While some things happen randomly, I think that more often than not, things happen because you did something to make it happen.

In a way, I have re-started the blog to make it a record of my thoughts during this time. As I write these thoughts, they turn in to action and serve as a catalyst for me to keep on going.

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