Monday, September 29, 2003

I got Promethea #27 and I am amazed at how the sudden turn in plot has become so exciting. For the past year, as Sophie traversed Immateria to learn about Promethea, it had become quite a tedious lesson in magick. I think that Alan Moore, in his zeal to explain the whole universe, had sacrificed plot. However, the battle between who had control over Promethea and the aftermath of that gave way to a new storyline of possible world annihilation. I can't wait for the new issue.

I also got Terra Obscura #4 this week, which is still a mystery to me as I am confused about what is actually going on in this story. As far as I can see, some magical force is causing a huge science blackout. All devices and power sources are rendered useless. The science heroes who don't have a magic-based power are unable to use their powers. The story hopefully picks velocity up from here. So far, issues #1 to #3 were kind of slow.

I picked up Sandman: Endless Nights. It hurt my pocketbook. The hardcover was about $25. I regretfully tore off the shrink-wrap and have read a few pages. I'll post more about it as I finish it.

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