Monday, February 05, 2007

Marquis de Sade

DJ Evil Twin is back! Check out these new remixes of Sade classics. Four of them are new, the others are mixes have appeared here before.

I am extremely proud of this project; I think it is some of the best ones I've done. These are all pop/dance mixes of the original songs, geared towards shaking your booty.

In the Soulful Mix of No Ordinary Love, I added a gospel vocal sample and a pulsing bass. The keyboards in Somebody Already Broke My Heart reminded me of Ciara's My Goodies, so I cut a small sample of that song into the DJ Evil Twin Hearts Ciara Mix. In the Deep Sea mix of Pearls, I added a deep house sample and the ping from The Killers' All These Things That I Have Done. I thought it added a bit of drama into the song. I went totally Old Skool with Cherish The Day by adding a lot of scratches, a metallic beat and a surprise sample in the breakdown.

As with my previous DJ project "Best Beths," I will be giving away 5 HAND-MADE (wow! ;P ) CDs to the first 5 people who request it. All you have to do if you're interested in it is to send me your mailing address and your blog URL so I can send it to you. You MUST have a blog.

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Best Beths - DJ Evil Twin remixes 11 songs by Beth Orton. Wow.

I AM the Evil Twin - Okokok, my secret identity is out, now read about why I'm eeeevil.

Recommended Sade CDs:

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