Monday, January 05, 2004

Origins of "The Deep South"

Thanks to Peter Elk for sending me a link to a comic strip by Tom Tomorrow about The Homosexual Menace. The strip shows some typical arguments that some people may have about gay marriages. It always bugged me that whenever there is a discussion concerning this issue, somehow the conversation always ends up comparing gay marriage to bestiality, that it will open the gates to people marrying their pets or farm animals. This despite bestiality being a predominantly hetero activity, which struck me as comical--gay people are being crucified for the perverted activities of heteros.

I was going to write a satirical piece to respond to this, but inspiration struck: I would make my own strip in reply. I tried using the Red Meat comic generator to do this but after trying out several "meats," I decided to use my own characters. Thus I created "The Deep South" which I may turn into a regular feature here. Hope you like it.

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