Thursday, January 01, 2004

My First Goal

As my first goal this year, I want to be in the top ten of Rice Bowl Journals, a online community of asian bloggers. If you are on this page, please please please vote for me by clicking here. There is no form to fill or anything, just click on the link, it will automatically record your vote and then re-route you to the RBJ homepage.


UPDATE: I am currently #2 with 14 votes. Apparently, there is some kind of handicapping in RBJ that prevents a person to get way out in the lead. When you are in either top 2 spots, votes for you are not counted until other people move into the top 2. This is to allow other people to get a shot at the top spot. Thanks to those who have already voted! However, please keep voting. :-)


UPDATE 2: I am currently #1, which is exciting but mystifying at the same time because I know I only sent out that e-mail to vote for me to 20 people, and currently it says that at least 75 votes. Right now, there is a five-way tie between me, Ronan, Alex Kleeman, Mark Nam and Jess H for the top spot, and whoever has the last vote remains at number 1. You may keep voting for me if you wish. Maybe I'll score a three-book deal like Will Wheaton, if I become an Internet Celebrity.