Wednesday, September 12, 2001

The Day After

yesterday, we were sent home from work early because of the proximity of our building to the sears tower in chicago, which people feared was a potential target for terrorist attacks. i have often wondered what would happen if our building, which has 23 floors, ever caught on fire. would i have the presence of mind to find the exit and run down quickly enough to escape?

in 1991, when i was still living in manila, there was a massive earthquake whose epicenter was a few miles away from the city. our 8-story building shook fearsomely. the walls swayed at least six inches and i was sitting there petrified to my seat. even though we had been trained to head for the nearest exit and run as far away from the building as possible, i had NOT acted. i was in shock and i couldn't move.

when i saw on tv how some people jumped off from the building because they couldn't stand the flames, i felt for them. they knew they couldn't survive the heat, and so they pray that the jump would deliver them.

i feel numb.

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