Friday, May 25, 2012


It's true what they say: familiarity breeds contempt, or at the very least the kind of easy annoyance one might get with finding socks on the floor or a herpes sore on the night before a hot date.

After years of being together and hoping that you can change somebody, you find that in fact, nobody changes and that quirk that your boyfriend has?  It's no longer quirky but downright annoying.  I mean,  a dutch oven may be funny a couple of times, but seriously, I don't think I need a sheet thrown over me and breathe hot fart when I am watching The Vampire Diaries. 

The funny thing is that you would think that after years of being in a relationship together one may tend to be more forgiving of your partner because you know them better, it seems like it's just the opposite.  You can no longer forgive them for being them.

All the things that I thought were funny about me are no longer funny.  I'm just Gallagher with the same tired watermelon and mallet, hacking away, with no laughs from the audience.


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