Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Off The Wagon

While I was off 'pursuing other interests' I was able to completely cut myself off from the blog. I wasn't checking comments, I wasn't looking at my site stats or checking Technorati for updated links. It was a sort of heaven.

One of the things I had planned to do when I came back was to have a more laissez-faire with this and just do the more traditional blogspew that most people do, just to keep up with the habit of writing. I was going to keep any mispelled words, not put any links or add pictures or do any re-writes. I was going to write whatever and publish it and let it be.

But just one week into my supposed new attitude, I've fallen off the wagon and back to my old habits checking comments obsessively and stuff. I would've answered some of your comments sooner but I didn't want to have a reply two seconds after you posted yours, because I was afraid that would seem too needy.

Just this morning I must've checked sitemeter once every hour. And I'm in a training class. I am trying to hide my site-checking activites from my instructor and seatmates, which is pretty hard to do. I feel like I'm back in grade school, hiding a comic book in my textbook.

I'm itching just to go over the site stats for the last 15 minutes, but I gotta go, the instructor is walking around the room. I don't want to get caught.

(But I'll be checking for your comments when I get back in a few minutes)

UPDATE: I knew I couldn't stay away. I updated this post with links and a photo.


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