Saturday, August 25, 2007




Heyyyy, come in. Thanks for coming. We’re going to be starting very soon, but here, sit down. There’s chips and dip, some other little munchies over there.

Donnie, Aimee and Rob are already here. So are Joz, Michael Guy and Matty, they’re over in the sidebar chatting and commenting. Jade Park and Violet should be here shortly. Of course the always vocal, always crazy Jeremiah. I’m glad you made it though, the weather has been really bad, hasn’t it? You tell me--I stepped into a puddle with my favorite shoes, you remember, that brown pair with the stripes and the nice pink bow? That just blows, because it was a very very very expensive pair...that I shoplifted from Prada. Now it’s ruined. Oh well.

Sorry, the place is a bit of mess--we just got back from London you know--so the blog’s just a bit dusty, but we should have some new posts up soon. I have a new one ready to go--what’s that? Oh, yeah, London! It was wonderful!

I would totally live there! I would totally fit in because I totally love royalty, I totally love Stella McCartney and I totally feel superior to dumb American tourists, you know, like my boyfriend Brian.

We’ll get started with the new blog, but first, you should see the pictures we took! No no no, it won’t take long at all! Just sit down, it’ll be over before you know it! I promise!


...and this one was when I was at G-A-Y club, completely drunk out of my mind--what? You have to go? But we haven’t even gone through the pictures from the second day!

Ok, come back again soon, I’ll have a new post up by then.

...aaaaaaaand we can go over Brian’s pictures!

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