Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Body Building

When I was 21, I weighed a painful 108 lbs. I had a 26 inch waist. I could not buy anything off the rack unless it was in the Boys department, which I refused to do. It was just embarrassing.

You know how when you're a teenager, all you wanted was to grow up as fast as you could, so that you could live your own life? I wanted it so much, but my body fought it the whole time, resisting each inch, each pound, as if it was some burden to carried, like a humpback, club foot or a heavily jeweled tiara.

Shortly after I turned 21, I made plans to move to a Big City. I didn't know where, but I didn't care. Any Big City with a vibrant scene will do: Chicago. New York. Cincinnati. I didn't care. Get me out of the sticks. I wanted to hear music. I wanted to see the bright lights. I wanted to use a glory hole.

I wanted to get laid, but I found out that my appeal only went to a subset of the gay population that saw M. Butterfly and subsequently fetishized Asians to be some docile, delicate, dramatic diva. Notice the alliteration.

In the Big City I started working out, lifting weights. I ate a lot of eggs, chicken breasts, nuts. Taken pills, supplements and other fart-inducing protein powders. On the outside, my body had gained forty pounds of muscle. But in my head, I didn't gain a ounce. Like a funhouse mirror, the reflection of me was that of a beanpole.

But my wrists are still relic; as if the rest of my body grew up, but my wrists are still that of that an awkward teen. I buy chunky, metallic watches to counter the flimsiness of my wrists. Even now as I type this, my wrists mock me.

Sometimes, in brief flashes of the mirror, I will see the image of myself that others see. But in a blink, that image is gone.


Gay Guy said...

Thrilled to see that you are back in the blogging business. You are a great writer -- a real inspiration.

♥N said...

I don't know if you watch boxing - but this made me think of Manny Pacquiao, who started his career at 106 lbs, and is now at 147 - and it makes me wonder if he still sometimes thinks of himself as the young and little young man from the poverty-stricken area of his province, and if so, if that is what drives him to keep on fighting as hard as he does.

jed smith said...
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Ryan said...

Work out.
Lift weights.
Eats eggs and chicken, nuts. Pills.
If I fart a lot, I'm doing it right.

I'm taking notes.

Shane said...

I am 6'1", 160 pounds, and i had to punch a new hole in my watch's wrist band for it to fit me. I have a 30 in waist but not really much of arms of chest.

How do you gain weight?

Aja said...

you need to see my husband. he is big from boddy building

shwanmartin said...

I used to workout for 2 hrs daily 5 days a week ,still I v got the thin wrists , plz find any solution if you have any?

Brendan M said...

Great post, like your writing style. Body image is sometimes something branded onto our psyche and it is difficult to shift - like those chubby guys who look in the mirror and see their slim twenties self even though they are clearly overweight.